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Pogach Reviews: Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor

For no reason other than to give myself even more shit to do every day, I've decided to start posting reviews of the books I read to a blog on my website. Maybe I'll do the occasional move or video game too. Why not? I'm on sabbatical till January.

So, for my first review, I want to talk about one of the most unique science fiction novels (long short story?) I’ve ever read. Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor, is an exciting, impressively well-developed, powerful story that wraps a ton of solid sci-fi into a coming of age story in space.

Binti is the first of the Himba people to be accepted at Oomza University, the best college in the galaxy. But accepting this honor means leaving her ancestral home and striking a divide between herself and her family. It means immersing herself in the diversity of the galaxy among people who do not understand or accept her traditions.

And then the Meduse arrive. Sworn enemies of Oomza University, the Meduse are the most feared species in the galaxy. And they attack the ship transporting Binti to her new home.

The book is short, not even 100 pages, but it is so rich, and Binti’s voice, as written by Okorafor, is so compelling, that when you finish reading it, you feel like you’ve read 400 pages. It should be a must read for any sci-fi fan. There are also two sequels, each longer than the previous but still short. I recommend buying all three at once. You’ll want to keep reading Binti!

(if you’re an author like me, after reading Binti, you’ll probably want to hide in your writing cave for a few days, simultaneously crying cuz you’ll never write something so sublime, and desperately smashing at your keyboard because you’re inspired to rock out with your creative self)

5 stars

Go read it. Like now!



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