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The Award-Nominated Rafael Ward Series


​"Rafael Ward is a fascinating protagonist to put in a war of ideologies as he can't quite bring himself to commit to anything but his friends--which is hard when they're all radicals in their own way."

--C.T. Phipps, author of Lucifer’s Star

The Spider in the Laurel

A Kindle Book Award SciFi Finalist

In the Citizens' Republic of America, religion is outlawed. Historian Rafael Ward is a good 

citizen, teaching students the government approved narrative of the nation's history. But when he is tasked by Relic Enforcement Command with destroying the artifacts he cherishes, he begins to question the regime's motives and soon finds himself caught up in a secret revolution. It will take the uncompromising faith of an outlaw Believer as an ally, and the acceptance of his guilt for his mother's death, to help Ward break free of the government's yoke. If he's lucky, he might also prevent an apocalyptic future for which his secular world is completely unprepared.

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The Long Oblivion

A Kindle Book Award SciFi Semi-Finalist

It's two years since Rafael Ward walked into the Tower with a backpack full of explosives. Two years since he destroyed REC headquarters and became the most hated man in the Republic. He's a fugitive, haunted by the lives he's taken, trying to find anonymity in the remote towns of the Western Districts. He’s content to drink himself into oblivion.

Everything changes when a teenage girl named Sam recognizes him outside a liquor store. Now everyone is after Sam. The police want to arrest her. The REC want to black bag her. Even MacKenzie and her new allies will do anything to find out what she knows. Unwilling to have any more innocent blood on his hands, Ward tries to help Sam escape the country. To get her to safety, however, he may have to sacrifice MacKenzie’s rebellion. He may even have to sacrifice his soul.

To Read Chapter 1 of The Long Oblivion Click Here

The Tyrant Gods cover.jpg

The Tyrant Gods

The revolution has begun. The Republic is in turmoil. Meanwhile, six thousand miles away, Rafael Ward is teaching again. Granted, he’s a prisoner in a secret desert fortress, and Sam is still in a coma, but for the first time in years, he’s almost content. Until Sam’s health takes a turn. The only way to save her is an ancient secret buried in the lost tomb of Hannibal Barca. And the only way to find it is for Ward to work with Rivka, Sam’s doctor, to engineer a daring escape.


But they’re not the only ones searching for the tomb.


Together, Ward and Rivka must race against time, and a mysterious assassin, to unearth Hannibal’s secrets. What they find in the tomb will determine more than Sam’s fate. It will influence the future of MacKenzie’s revolution, as well as her relationship with the Seer. It may even lead to all-out war between the gods.

To Read Chapter 1 of The Tyrant Gods Click Here

The Hidden Empire cover3.jpg

The Hidden Empire


The General prays for peace. The smuggler retires. The cyborg dreams of being human. The assassin closes in.

And the Seer is missing.

It is the most guarded secret in the fledgling Kingdom of New Jerusalem—that its leader has disappeared, leaving behind only a series of cryptic ciphers. Now, with the fate of her new nation in the balance, MacKenzie must find Rafael Ward to help decode the Seer’s clues. Clues leading to the oldest library in the Americas. To the most brutal Conquistador of the Age of Discovery. To the fabled city of gold, El Dorado, and a secret bloodline whose descendants may hold the key to saving humanity from the bitter wrath of the gods.

To Read Chapter 1 of The Hidden Empire Click Here

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