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I'm Bad and That's Good: How Thanos Redeems Infinity War

Frank Michael Errington's Horrible Book Reviews, August 2018


5 Things I Learned Writing Dystopias in the Age of Trump

Terribleminds, August 2018

4 Strategies for Finishing that Damn First Draft

Bitch Bookshelf, April 2018


Too Soon? Building Your Dystopian Timeline, November 2016


Book Signings Without the Excuses

The Qwillery, May 2016


Happy...December? -The Holiday Revolution, Dec 2015


Genesis of The Spider in the Laurel

Fantasy Book Critic, Sept 2015


I Like Dead Scottish Sci-Fi Poets. Wanna Make Something of It?

SF Signal, Sept 2015


Top 5 Deaths You Won't Admit Made You Cry (But you Did)

The Qwillery, Sept 2015


Tattoo Rebellion

MightyThorJrs, Sept 2015


Spiders, Gods, and Monsters, Sept 2015


You Don't Have to be an Expert to Fake it Like One

Risingshadow, Sept 2015


What Inspired me to Write The Spider in the Laurel, Sept 2015


Playing the Part: Casting the Leading Lady, July 2015


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