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THE LONG OBLIVION is "one of the best dystopian conspiracy novels I've read in a long time...I very much love the author's handling of characterization, world-building, and interactions. Rafael Ward is a fascinating protagonist to put in a war of ideologies as he can't quite bring himself to commit to anything but his friends--which is hard when they're all radicals in their own way."

---C.T. Phipps, author of Lucifer's Star and Straight Outta Fangton

THE LONG OBLIVION “evokes the horror of an all too realistic future, drawing you in and leaving you shuddering in the corner, fearful of what’s to come.”

---Tim Marquitz author of the Demon Squad


"I found the fairy-tale which provided the book's title to be an absolute delight and I really came to like Rafael Ward.  He is a terrific, flawed character...I found THE SPIDER IN THE LAUREL to be a fast-paced, thrilling adventure, that was totally unexpected and ultimately enjoyable."

---Frank Michaels Errington's Horrible Book Reviews



"There are a lot of faith-centric dystopian novels out there, so it is interesting to see what a atheistic-centric dystopia might look like. Couple these thought provoking moments with some well crafted action, in-depth world building, and interesting characters, and the end result is an excellent debut novel from an exciting new author."

---Ryan, Amazon review



THE SPIDER IN THE LAUREL "had me captivated from page one...I am hoping that some brilliant filmmaker will discover the marvelous potential of turning this book into a first class movie. The story has all the excitement and intrigue necessary, with the added bonus of a deeply intelligent plot, layer upon layer of loyalty, of cross purposes, of unexpected twists and betrayals."

---Edea, Amazon review

"Dirty and intense, Zero to Sixty is absolutely a solid read."

---Poserdisposer, Goodreads review


Zero to Sixty is "a perfect capturing of the disillusionment of post-college but pre-career life."

---David, Goodreads review

"A Thistle in the Heart Of" is "inspiring and an endearing read."

---Joy, Amazon review

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