A Select Few Stories You Can Read For Free

Yes you. Yes free.

Yes now.

    The Rusty Nail, March 2013

     ISBN 9781482716139

A middle-of-the-night ice cream run. A fender bender. And a pregnant wife waiting at home. Is escape even possible?


A Thistle in the Heart Of
A Thistle in the Heart Of
    New Plains Review, Fall 2012

     ISBN 9780983735724

Bill and Ashley Lovell are out for their first adventure as newlyweds. But everything changes when a long-forgotten trifle is discovered stashed in the pages of a flea market treasure.

This story is "inspiring and an endearing read" according to Amazon customer reviews.


She Knows
    Third Wednesday, Winter 2009/2010


She knows everything there is to know about him. But will that be enough to save her?



    Tales from the Combat Zone, 2012

     ISBN 9781938583001

Defining good and evil is easy from the comfort of historical perspective. But when you're neck deep in the horrors of a Nazi death camp, the line between human and inhuman becomes blurred. One soldier, faced with an impossible decision, grips his rifle and hopes today he'll have the strength he lacked yesterday. 

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