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Trilogies are for Quitters


Book Four of the award-nominated

Rafael Ward series,

is available now

The General prays for peace. The smuggler retires. The cyborg dreams of being human. The assassin closes in.

And the Seer is missing.

It is the most guarded secret in the fledgling Kingdom of New Jerusalem—that its leader has disappeared, leaving behind only a series of cryptic ciphers. Now, with the fate of her new nation in the balance, MacKenzie must find Rafael Ward to help decode the Seer’s clues. Clues leading to the oldest library in the Americas. To the most brutal Conquistador of the Age of Discovery. To the fabled city of gold, El Dorado, and a secret bloodline whose descendants may hold the key to saving humanity from the bitter wrath of the gods.

Praise for the Award-Nominated Rafael Ward Series:

"A darker, more developed Indiana Jones"

--Amazon Review

"A fascinating dystopian tale from one of speculative fiction's rising stars"

--C.T. Phipps, author of Lucifer’s Star

"Michael’s writing evokes the horror of an all too realistic future, drawing you in and leaving you shuddering in the corner, fearful of what’s to come."

--Tim Marquitz, author of the Demon Squad

"A thrilling new Fahrenheit 451 for the 21st century"

--Javiel Avila, award-winning author of Different