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SLIP is now a 2023 PenCraft Award Runner-Up
and a 2023 Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist

Byron can see the future--just a few maddening seconds,

never enough to change anything...


“A riveting thriller with a provocative central mystery…Byron’s story is as searing as her welding torch.”
~Holly M. Wendt, author of "The Bolton Strid" and "The Rogers Ladder"

“In the vein of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas, Slip delivers a thriller-mystery...that will take a bite out of you from page one .”

~Gwendolyn N. Nix, author of I Have Asked to be Where no Storms Come

“A unique story that started out very promising and kept getting better. A thrilling and suspenseful story.”

~Booksprout Top Reviewer

“So enthralling, you lose all track of time...Byron is a character unlike any I've ever read before.”

~Goodreads Review

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